Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Facebook Chart

As mentioned yesterday, a Facebook profile and supporters page is becoming the must have accessory of the aspiring candidate. So, out of those allowing us to show our love for them, who are the winners?
  1. Barack Obama, 865,535
  2. Hillary Clinton, 158,512
  3. John McCain, 132,686 (so would Obama beat McCain based on this?)
  4. Ron Paul, 87,832 (failed US Republican hopeful)
  5. Mike Huckabee, 51,116 (as above)
  6. Mitt Romney, 34,056 (and again)
  7. John Edwards, 30,084 (Democrat and poss running mate for Obama)
  8. Wen Jia-bao, 24,943 (Chinese Premier)
  9. Dennis Kucinich, 22,963 (failed Democrat hopeful)
  10. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 20,914 (Governor Terminator)
  11. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, 15,495 (Leader of Danish Liberal Party and Prime Minister)
  12. Sebastian Pinera, 14,353 (Chilean Senator and former Presidential hopeful)
  13. Boris Johnson, 12,034 (Mayor of London)
  14. George W. Bush, 11,869
  15. Nicolas Sarkozy, 11,845 (French President)
  16. Fred Thompson, 11,761 (another failed Republican hopeful)
  17. Rudy Giuliani, 11,042 (as above)
  18. Stephane Dion, 10,983 (Leader of Canadian Liberals)
  19. Jack Layton, 10,694 (Leader of Canadian New Democrats)
  20. Helle-Thorning-Schmidt, 10,006 (Leader of Danish Social Democrats)

Put into perspective against the UK parties, the Conservatives have 4,469 supporters, and leader David Cameron 3,296; RESPECT Leader/Independent MP George Galloway has 3,279; Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg 827; UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has 106. Is this indicative of anything one wonders?

2 comments: said...

I am unsure where you got the figures for George Galloway since there are a number of supporters group -- but most importantly for George Galloway is the friends count on his personal profile which currently stands at 4,998

The count would be higher if facebook didn't limit the number of friends to under 5,000.

The supporters groups are effectively an overflow.

As such, the above should put George Galloway ahead of other MPs.

Darren G Lilleker said...

Yes, I know he has a huge amount of friends, and all I was doing was looking at supporters pages. But when looking at UK politics it is in quite a parlous state compared to the US, Canada, Denamrk or France that they struggle to earn sufficient number of supporters to break into five figure numbers. Galloway is a very special exception, but perhaps has gone beyond being just a politician or party leader to becoem a celebrity dissident.