Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A blog worth following

Crewe TV, a lively "photo diary of life in Crewe, the people, places and its politics, including the railway, town centre redevelopment, Crewe Alexandra Football Club, local events and more" is the place for the insider perception of the by-election and particularly what the candidates are up to. One often asked question by commenters is "Where's Gordon", with a lot of negative comments about him having 'given up' knowing 'the clock is ticking'. Not sure who visits the site but there is a poll there, and currently Labour are in third place, the 703 contributors see Timpson ahead for the Conservatives with Liberal Democrat Liz Shenton a very close second (full poll scores are to the right); with reference to the last post, is this an indication of a climate change in British politics? I suspect that it may not be that representative (looking at the percentage voting for Monster Raving Loony candidate: Flying Brick) but it enforces the idea of a close race with Labour doing badly which may not be too far away from the final truth.


Dave Dunn said...

I notice that since yesterday it is now neck and neck between Tory and LibDem, UKIP have surged into third and Labour are now fourth. Now that would be a kick up the backside for those complacent psuedo-Tory Blairite wets that inhabit the corridors of power.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell cares about this poll? the real polls show a clear Tory win, the LibDems are nowhere really, some silly woman in a twee dress that owns a shedload of cats has no chance, Labours Dunwoody jr will be close second, sinmple - read the real polls morons

Dave Dunn said...

I am sure there is something about the psychology of the anonymous comment poster that allows them to be rude.

On the poll, what if ICM polled the electorate but not the voting part, whereas those who are using 'Crewe TV' are actually more representative of actual voters, those who do turn out, than other polls. Doubt it also but voters are also influenced by polls as well as responding to them.

Matt Hurst said...

Well Dunn aren't you the one who accuses every Labour member of being a peadophille.

Your really one to speak, don't see the BNP anywhere in this vote, is that because the majority of this country realise what a shambolic, undemocratic lazy party they actually are.

Your the party for freedom of expression but when it comes to homosexuals, you feel it's best that they don't do it in public... do what the manifesto doesn't say but we all know what your stereotypical outdated policy means.

You may spout on about London all you want but it's mostly voters who are scared and the politics of fear works far more than the politics of fact.