Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bad Satire or Shaming the Opposition

The campaign for an English Parliament, equivalent to those of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is worthwhile and perhaps there are elements of the video that could be perceived as fair comment, but are the cheap shots necessary or effective. While calling John Prescott a 'Vast Waist Of Space' may work for Private Eye is it right for a political campaign video? Or does it make it engaging? The curious bit for me is the choice of music 'Cap in Hand' by The Proclaimers; while the sentiment "But I can’t understand why we let someone else rule our landWe’re cap in hand" may be felt by English Democrat supporters it could be perceived as essentially anti-Westminster if not anti British/English. But the main feature is the slideshow presentation of current politicians attacking them, does this work and why.


Stephen Gash said...

It works because those ridiculed and satirised are prepared to excuse the massive disadvantages heaped upon the English since devolution. Not least the denial of cancer treating medicines on the English Health Service that are freely available on the Scottish Health Service.

The only reason MPS oppose an English Parliament is because one would make them redundant overnight. Since the Scottish parliament was established MPs in Scotland can only meddle in English affairs. With an English Parliament MPS would have nothing to do anywhere.

Most if not all MPs are just feathering their own nest and protecting their bloated expense accounts (unnaccounted) and pensions.

Hardly any are worthy of respect. Politicians have never been held in such low esteem as they are now and this video merely reflects that low esteem.

The greatest threat to England is the United Kingdom. The deadliest enemies of the English are the British.

Both the threat and our enemies are sustained by the UK Parliament's cabal of corruption.

Darren G Lilleker said...

You make some excellent points Stephen, ones which I take no issue with. My question, and it is a question, is whether the advertisement makes your case with sufficient strength and if the intended audience will find this convincing or not. Will it be read as laying the foundation for the EDems and the campaign or as a cheap dig at all other parties standing? I am not sure of the answer to that but if the latter it could lead to a devaluation of the case as the ad could lead to the party being taken less seriously.

Matt Hurst said...

The Proclaimers are Scottish so is likely to be an anti english song, quite comedical really and extremely stupid.

The English Democrats forget that for centuries England ruled the waves, they can claim it was Britain but the way the Crown and Parliment conducted it's affairs it was very unlikely anything other than an English affair.

Localisation of Politics is possibly a good idea, but i'm talking the local district and not the local country as English i don't feel a connection with the south as much as i do with my northern heartlands and for people in Newcastle isn't Edinburgh closer than London.