Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dirty Tricks?

Not sure of the veracity of the story but it is alleged that a Labour source had a accused a rival candidate in Crewe & Nantwich of being unable to spell Britain correctly when signing Gwyneth Dunwoody's book of condolences. The victim of the attack is neither of those currently threatening to consign Labour to third place (depending on the source of data), but Gemma Garrett (left), Miss Great Britain, standing on a platform of bringing beauty into politics, as well as the more serious policies of increasing wages for armed services personnel and cutting tax on all childcare benefits. Miss Garrett hit back, winning support from one reader on the website of the Crewe and Nantwich Guardian. Defying any dumb blonde stereotypes, she is quoted as responding with:

"This is precisely the low, petty and underhanded sort of action which contributes to the overall impression that politics is a sleazy and grubby business. It is ironic that Labour, which is supposed to cherish the rights of women, created this cheap, wrong and stereotypical image of me intended to suggest that any girl who happened to be blonde and to look good cannot spell. It is risible and sad that they have stooped to this level of personal abuse..."

Strong words, the big question is why would Labour attack a candidate that is not a threat, even if she did make a spelling error, if it was not Labour was it someone else with the intention of slurring Labour and Tamsin Dunwoody their candidate, whose dirty trick and why?

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