Monday, May 19, 2008

And the serious political news is...

The British Tabloids are clearly taking the Crewe & Nantwich by-election seriously, The Daily Star is backing Gemma Garrett, their write up talks about the issues, well sort of: "“I’m campaigning on lots of different issues but the main one is about pay for British troops,” says Miss Great Britain, dressed in stockings, suspenders... Gemma represents, and is representative of, the Beauties for Britain party, which aims to “wipe out politics’ sleazy image” by replacing it with good old fashioned soft porn". Though the Sun reports she has come under attack from Labour activists "an elderly woman shouted at me: ‘Do you even know how to spell Britain?’ I couldn’t believe it" says 'Gem'. Clearly that was one voter not sold on Garrett's mantra: "British politics it's all change at Crewe and I am really looking forward to meeting all the voters there and to showing them the power of beauty"

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