Monday, May 19, 2008

Clever or Desperate?

Tamsin Dunwoody, Labour candidate for Crew & Nantwich in Thursday's by-election, has quite a good website. Her slogan 'One of Us' is reinforced by a range of pictures of her meeting the constituents and being active around the constituency. There is, however, a side that is not so good, the front page splash screen (pictured left). The argument, within a different page of the website is that: "Timpson’s Tories are conning local people. When asked if they would reverse the 10 pence decision, last week Cameron told a dismayed Crewe voter: “I can’t promise that.”" This is juxtaposed with Dunwoody's claim that "You told Tamsin your concerns. She put them directly to the Chancellor. She stood up for you. This week the government took action and increased personal tax allowances for basic rate tax payers". However, while she positions herself as fighting for the constituents, is the right message to lead on a negative one of this nature which seems to be calling Timpson a con man on the basis of his 'toffishness'; perhaps this is the intention, if not it does not make a strong argument on which to base support for a Dunwoody.