Sunday, June 24, 2007

Making connections

On political party in Corsham is certainly going the extra mile to gain support. The "new community service “Help in Hand” is a free help service to Corsham’s elderly, disabled and needy designed to do those jobs that [they] can’t do themselves and have no-one to do it for them. The party's leaflets explain:

Too high to reach ?
Too heavy to lift ?
Job too difficult ?
There is Help in Hand
with the BNP FREE
Help in Hand project for
Corsham’s elderly, disabled and needy.

Yes that is the British National Party, the party who promotes repatriation and has faced a range of allegations of racism. The party claims that after delivering their first 100 leaflets that: "Already our phone has been ringing with enquirers. One nice lady said she will go away and make us a long list of things to do!"

One does wonder if the elderly, disabled or needy who may be of non-white English origin will be helped, then again maybe they were selective in their leaflet deliveries. Perhaps there are lessons here a few parties could learn from when considering what a grassroots presence means, certainly if this offers any form of political advantage it is somewhat worrying.

The reason I looked this out was that a friend emailed me the following picture forwarded to him that constituted part of a promotional campaign for the BNP's 'Red White and Blue Family Day'. I also found they have an online TV programme; they do seem to be busy in reaching out to voters - should we be worried?


Anonymous said...

who is we???

Darren G. Lilleker said...

Blimey that was quick!

We are those who are concerned that the allegations of racism and extremism and their activities in stirring up inter-racial hatred are completely accurate and that this caring facade is designed to hide the neo-facist character of the party