Friday, June 22, 2007


While interesting in terms of to allowing Youtube users and Labourvision visitors to pose the six Labour deputy candidates with questions, I'm not sure what stands out when watching this. There is Michael While, as compere, replying to Benn's 'How are you' with 'I'm racing this afternoon', not to mention his success in working out Hain is before Harman alphabetically. There is then White struggling with the blogger and Youtube user's non-de-plumes (Dr Dunk gets a giggle). There is the talk of out to re-engage the grassroots by carrying on the style of debate adopted during the contest. Or there is Hazel Blears saying that she has been in discussion with 'sister socialist parties' across Europe: 'socialist' is also a word used by Jon Cruddas less surprisingly.

The important question is the level of engagement that will continue. While both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are allowing the public or members to shape their policies how Labour seek to combat these initiatives while being in government, but appear similarly keen to engage, could be very interesting.

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