Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Democracy: a joyless waste of time?

Nick Assinder notes today that the House of Commons seems 'demob happy' during Prime Minister's Questions. Given that Blair has few weeks left as PM Assinder comments: "The prime minister did his bit as professionally as ever, but there was no fire or vigour - and why should there be?... But perhaps the biggest surprise was that David Cameron wasn't bothered either." What's the problem, well it seems that the media spectacle that is PMQs is not providing the entertainment that journalists want. But do they miss the point? PMQs is supposed to be the prime minister being scrutinised by the representatives of the British people, led by the Leader of the Opposition, not a piece of entertainment. The media blame politicians when they fail to perform for the cameras and then criticise them for being obsessed with image; while a minor example of double standards there are many more!!

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