Monday, June 25, 2007

Countdown to the General Election starts here [YAWN!]

On my travels today I noted with interest that a number of headlines predicted an election in nine months, rushing to the stands I was rather disappointed. The Times reports on page 1 "the appointment of an election co-ordinator [Douglas Alexander] in a clear signal that he would like to go to the country next year", though this is later qualified to say "if Mr Brown believes that he can win an election within the next 12 months, he will try and secure his own mandate from voters". So the headline Now for election '08 is not quite the breaking news it seems. It is however the start of the hype to replace the Blair-Brown feud and the when will Blair go saga, so every journalist will probably now be speculating when will an election be called unless some real news passes their desks and even when it does that will be the context for the majority of political stories.

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