Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Counting the cost of bad publicity

It was the hottest blogging topic on Monday, most comments negative. But it cost £400,000, it took a year to design and is the work of brand consultants Wolf Ollins, their opening page is odd at the very least so maybe says a lot. Wolf Ollins claim the logo signifies inspiration, stimulation, access and participation; too early to tell? Well I suppose it encouraged participation if nothing else. The media showed at best apathy, the majority soliciting public comments. Today the death knell rings for the promo video, as it appears it can bring on epileptic fits (the logo only brought on apoplectic fits it seems; sorry couldn't resist)! There seems to be a lack of credibility in London 2012 and the ability of the nation to deliver, particularly after Wembley, this can only make the whole PR job even worse. How could they get it so wrong?

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