Monday, April 23, 2007

Virgin on the Ridiculous

Sarah Jane Newbury, Independent candidate in West Wiltshire, has perhaps a unique selling point; she claims to be the UK's most famous virgin and an 'International Celebrity' and model (pictured though possibly not recently) - not heard of her, where have you been?. Funny enough I believed the first nomenclature was owned by Anne Widdecombe, though Anne at least does not advertise the fact so graphically, Newbury includes Dr's certificates on her website. Also bizarrely on Newbury's website, though perhaps this pales into insignificance alongside the descriptions of her ex-boyfriends and how far they did not get physically, Newbury states she would prefer not to win as she is non-political.

However she has many links with current candidates and the Council generally; indeed "Sarah Jane is very impressed with the collection of frogs owned by a former Chairman of the District Council which was displayed in his office" (a little vignette from her website). Will she win, who knows; it does make one wonder though about who she would represent and how in touch she would be to modern life; though the question I'm really pondering is were the frogs real? What an insight into local politics we are offered by this!


Rose said...

Now this is post modern authenticity.....'a landscape of collected items purposefully constructed to make a new whole'.

You ponder how in touch she would many ways I think, accidentally, she might be far closer to the emotional beat of modern Nwebury than Councillor Smith et al!

The Newbury 1 said...

Maybe, though in a world of perception politics, is she constructing a real or false image? After all, we may see ourselves very differently from others and also see the world very differently because of that. But depends on her reasons for entering politics; if to represent fine, if to push a certain doctrine I am less doubtful.