Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shrink (C)Rap

As a sad political junkie I tuned in to the first ten minutes of 'Shrink Rap' on More4 where Dr Pamela Connolly (yes that is the comedienne formerly known as Pamela Stephenson) was to probe the psyche of former Home Secretary etc David Blunkett.
I tries really hard to ignore the fact that she appeared to be acting out the parody of a psychologist that she was good at when on Not the None O'clock News until she asked the 'killer' question. Blunkett spent most of his life in boarding school, as we know a difficult time for a growing lad with changing hormones. "Did you compare your physique to the other boys in the showers" Connolly asked. Now Blunkett has been blind from birth, what do you think his answer was. My only image was of Pamela's husband Billy shouting at the TV, "of course he didn't, he's f**king blind". Such is the nature of televisual psychology - I switched off!
Why post on this??? It is interesting to see politicians talking about their thinking, we see inside their heads. Clearly Blunkett did this for a purpose, to shape public perceptions of him probably. But when politics becomes relocated within other genres it does little to enhance the reputation of the politician or the media. Maybe the programme improved, maybe not, I gave up!

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