Friday, April 13, 2007


Ed Balls, ex-Treasury Advisor, now MP and Economic Secretary working within the Treasury has asked for questions via the Labour's Youtube 'Labourvision' dumping ground for videos.

Poster 'karljt' asks what the chances of Balls becoming Chancellor are; perhaps they should seek out this video (usefully Youtube flags it as related).

Perhaps after watching this 'salader1' hits the mark better when asking "Is your name balls because thats what you talk?" I love the freedom of user generated content and the open forum. Anyone remember the Big Conversation?? How long will it be before Labourvision disappears as they find it is impossible to censor or control either the site, its links or public interaction?


salader1 said...

hi,you mentioned salader1's comment on mr balls' youtube page,well i am that person! The censoring has started,within 2 hours of my comment, it got taken down,i also tried to put up a comment about mr blair,but they are approved before put up,no other page does that.

Darren G. Lilleker said...

Glad your comment will live on here then! Fairly typical though, the web offers interactivity but politicians do not really want to interact just sell themselves. The good part about using Youtube is that the 'related videos' cannot be managed and so you find not just Balls himself but user generated work on Balls. See the UKIP / 18 Doughty Street head to head as perhaps a use more true to the spirit of Youtube, great fun. The major parties are jsut too scared of anything off message to really understand that a better way to respond is to build an coherent argument to answer criticism and not jsut stifle it. Cheers, salader1, keep communicating.