Monday, April 23, 2007

Spot the difference competition

Yesterday I remarked that choice in the french presidential election seemed to have led to engagement whereas in the UK it seemed voters did not see differences or issues being addressed. Well here is the not so startling evidence of there being no difference between the parties.

David Cameron today talks about his solution to the anti-social behaviour problem; "Conservatives would encourage parents, neighbours, business people and teachers to take responsibility for bringing up children to behave properly and keeping their own communities in order". Does this all sound a little familiar to anyone?

22nd January 2007 (yes three months ago), Blair talked of parenting classes and "asking that the local community can get to have the power to make these people conform [to expected levels of behaviour] or face the consequences" So, lets imagine law and order policy post the next election, we are all to be de facto community support officers, we the 'community' will be in charge of keeping anti-social elements in order, and you cannot vote against it because both parties with a chance of winning propose the same solution.
Political Choice, noun, redundant in UK, expired early 21st Century

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