Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blair on Youtube

Dizzy notes today that Labour's foray onto Youtube is less than a good idea as it shows how few hits each video gets. He uses Hazel Blears' posting as evidence. I had a look, intrepidly increasing their hit rate. Yet I found that Blair's welcome had no views, up to this point I was the only viewer; Ah the power of the pull technology, no pull no power!!

No wonder he looks a little downcast as he says this is a way of getting an unmediated message out to the voter, please, no, don't laugh, its not nice to mock! However he does get a few hits, 11,7001 for mind you not sure this is the message he wants to communicate.


David Phillips said...

Pull - No Power - I just love it. Thanks

David Phillips said...

Thats No Pull - No Power.. and tired fingers.