Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Singing for a vote

The Council Tax Band, a group formed out of Wealden Disctrict Council and headed by chief executive Charlie Lant, who will be the returning officer for Wealden, are planning to do gigs before polling day to publicise the election and get people out to put their cross in the box. Lant said:
"I've had enough of people moaning about their local councils but never doing anything about it... This song is our way of reminding people that they do get the chance, every four years, to decide how they want things to be done so don't miss out. Local politics affect everyone's lives and deals with issues which cannot be ignored like waste and recycling, planning, affordable homes, clean streets and reducing crime... Oh, and before you ask, no public money was spent in this recording... The Council Tax Band has high hopes the single will help inspire people to vote"
The 'song' can be downloaded from The Argus website, the article claims, though unless I am missing something it isn't there yet! Shame I was dying to listen to it! So what are the chances of this engaging the voters of Wealden? It is novel, it would be unexpected, its potentially memorable, if they are on the high street on polling day it could inspire some to dash and scribble their cross? I await the turnout results with interest!

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