Saturday, April 07, 2007

A new sort of Councillor?

It was reported this week that, prior to a few major amendments "An election pack issued by Bournemouth Borough Council stated that "lunatics and idiots" and "deaf and dumb persons" were disqualified from standing". Clearly discriminatory but this amused me. Some sitting politicians could well be described as lunatics, there are definitely a few idiots around (if only those who make controversial and insulting statements about various cities without thinking of the fall out). While I'm sure many voters may well think their elected representatives are deaf to constituent's concerns and dumb (in a broad sense) when discussing the issues that matter.
The Election Laws gaffe came from using an outdated set of regulations (no surprise there then). But a few redefinitions could actually benefit the voter. Maybe here in sunny Bournemouth we might get a better calibre of councillor? Then again maybe not.


Anonymous said...
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Toto said...

No, she's the campaign manager, apparently