Monday, March 16, 2009

Whose being googled the most?

Interestingly, while news references are about equal, it seems Labour are googled more in the UK than the Conservatives.
However, David Cameron seems to win between the party leaders with a spike, expectedly, around the sad death of his son Ivan. News seems to focus on Brown most, perhaps in his role as PM, but not sure if the old adage about any news being good is applicable as there seems little favourable news around for Gordon at present. Nick Clegg gets little coverage, as do the Liberal Demcorats generally, though perhaps he managed to punch above his usual rating after that GQ article
What surprises me is how close it is across them all. Equally, though is traffic is fairly low in reality; will it increase on the run up to the local and European Parliament elections? You would think hope so I guess! Not very scientific or indicative of much, but thought it was interestign all the same. More of the same, to an extent, but perhaps the really important statistic is unique daily visitors to party websites, traffic is miniscule it seems but the Conservatives get most, read into it what you like.

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