Saturday, March 28, 2009

Narcissists or Communicators - Pt 2

Following yesterday's post following Holy Moly's post on celebrities followers and what percentage they are following on Twitter, and replication of this for MPs, I found another way of looking at it. Comedian Dave Gorman makes some interesting observations on a post about the following conundrum and introduced a further dimension; how often celebrities respond to other tweets. Now this is, as Dave suggests, does actually show interaction; as opposed to simply following but then ignoring by filtering out irrelevant or trivial tweets. Tweetstats allows you to look at your own Twitter interactivity and those of others. So how do MPs fare here.

Well actually, Susan Kramer who follows more than follows her, she has never ever replied to an incoming tweet. However John Prescott, with the highest differential, replies to 20.31% of his tweets (see graph featured right), Tom Watson (second narcissistic) 39.01%; Lynne Featherstone 25.68% and David Lammy 17.72%. I tried to run the same for George Galloway but it refused to play. I reply to 25.38%, just to even things up. So perhaps this shows that interactivity cannot be assumed by basic data but has to be measured in sophisticated ways that detects actual communication and not assumed communication. This seems particularly relevant when thinking of Obama. He is often seen as being interactive because he allowed comments on blogs, had thousands of friends and followers across social networks but his communications team Blue State Digital talk of aggressive message control; so perhaps we should think carefully about our definition of interactivity, not confuse communication with reach or set benchmarks without considering what they actually mean! By the way the rest of Dave Gorman's post is highly thought provoking also, refreshing to read something that is talking from a personal and not a corporate tool (promotional) perspective.

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