Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Interesting Project

Turnout at European Parliamentary Elections is fairly low, and particularly among young people. Sarah Russell, on behalf of Graham Watson MP, has decided to try to tackle this by "investigating ways in which young people can become more engaged within European political processes with the aim of inspiring them to be more pro-active in voting" to meet this aim she will be "travelling around with a handheld camera capturing these points of view and broadcasting them on my YouTube channel". To learn more you can also find her on Facebook and there is a blog to accompany the campaign. Her video explains this fully

It is a call to all those that think they never get the chance to have their say, as well as to think about a whole new parliamentary arena that has a huge impact on our lives but is often remote, misunderstood and does not really go out of its way to engage. One of Sarah's Youtube videos demonstrates some of the problems with understanding. If anyone out there has a burning desire to comment get in touch with Sarah and get involved, or also comment on the project here or directly to Sarah.

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