Sunday, March 15, 2009

Don't attack yourself, get others to do it for you

If you go to Labour's new campaign creation you are given the chance to create a slogan that sits above the Conservative's name.
If you go to the gallery page you can see the tons of creations of the visitors (or perhaps the tons of logos created by party activists for the amusement of the friends who can tell). Not all attack the Conservatives but the majority do, I saw two that either put both Labour and the Conservatives or on on this shot that seems to attack the idea itself. My favourite is the coconuts logo!

I guess the idea is to allow people to create the logo, save it as a jpeg and then for users to add their own unique attack logo to their own website, blog or social network profile so rather than being labour everywhere there is an appearance of anti-Conservatives everywhere. Not sure I like it much, it is all a little bit cheap and childish; nothing on those great 'are you thinking what I'm thinking' slogans from 2005. What's anyone else think?

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Matt Hurst said...

You being sarcastic about the Tory slogans of 2005? Some bordered on hidden hatred, unless of course you mean the doctored ones.