Sunday, March 15, 2009

What is hot in the twitter-sphere

Who is most talked about on Twitter - Labour but only just!

Guido Fawkes just beats Derek Draper

But Gordon beats David 3-1.

Does it matter, it depends what everyone is saying, how much is positive or negative, how influential the authors are and often the things that each would like to get read widely are re-tweeted. Go here if you want your own Tweetometer, its fun to play with!


POLPUB said...

But who is talking about Labour on twitter? Labour members or the general public. It's difficult to identify whether the people on twitter are really who they say they're.

Darren G Lilleker said...

Well I have to say there is no way I am going to find out who they all are; Derek Draper is responsible for some through his plugging of the Torylogo gizmo. But that is the $60mill question with new media communication tools What many suggest MPs do is try to use different tools and platforms to reach different audiences. Blogs will reach those with a keen interest in what they have to say on what every subjects they tend to post on, Twitter can reach wider and is an easy way of telling local journalists, colleagues or even constituents what they are up to, Facebook is easier to reach constituents and party members - that may change but there does not always have to be a desire or intention to reach the wider public or propagandise to them, just like any other major organisations they are seeking to reach a range of audiences using different means available to them. So perhaps it doesn't matter who is talking all the time, the issue is who is reading and what the reach of a message is.

Jo Bowdery said...

I guess it is also important to consider whether they are replying to tweets from others - after all MPs are meant to be moving in to a new age of two way communication. And as POLPUB says whether these replies are directed at 'ordinary people' or ardant supporters/friends etc..

Darren G Lilleker said...

That's the key Jo, some do I notice, not contacted any to find out if they always do but some reply to some people, they do same on facebook etc. But is is a small number using these tools so far.

Matt Hurst said...

Polpub the same could be said for the Consertatives, it's certain that they have alot more web based campaigners than Labour.

Indeed before Derek Draper got really active on the web it seemed like a vast Tory advertisement for the next election, not complaining just saying how I saw it.