Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Errrr, interesting tweet

Interesting response to the question of where the fine line is between party politics and information provision, something a student passed on to me. Not sure if any comment is needed really.


Anna Svensson said...

How bizarre. I wasn't expecting to see that! Have you been causing trouble then?!

Darren G Lilleker said...

I didnt expect it either, tarred as a trouble maker by No 10, what greater accolade could I ask for

Gordon is a cunt.com said...

"Oooooh Bitch"

what sort of camp dickhead does brown-nose employ, government by faceless pricks who play with blackburys and fuck up everything else they touch. what No 10s mindless moron gonna call me then

Matt Hurst said...

What an intelligent, thought provoking and indeed nesscary point of view by Gordon is a C*nt.com.

Never thought the person who wrote it firstly could be a woman? I would hazard a guess at what "No 10 mindless moron" would call you but I don't want to soil Darren's excellent blog.

And how can a government who is spread over millions of different websites, new avenues and the press be faceless.

It's immature, regardless of what it is but hell it's a standard up from your musings "Gordon is a c*nt.com".

Darren G Lilleker said...

I suppose 'Gordon' may have a point in that the civil servants are faceless, though they should not be running government; possibly the wonks who knows. I do not delete comments on principle, regardless of content, unless requested to by someone named and offended. Wonder if No. 10 will get in touch?