Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pavement Politics and the postmodern campaign

While Brian Paddick is advertising the harnessing of Twitter, two of his opponents are talking about the importance of getting out on the streets. In Sunday's You magazine Boris Johnson talks about how recognition among the taxi drivers and ordinary people is important with the interviewer hinting that he is increasingly being taken seriously while retaining public good will. George Galloway, who wants to make the jump from independent MP to Independent Mayor is going back to his Big Red Bus (once collecting charity on the way to Baghdad) and encouraging supporters to join him. In a message to his Facebook fans he calls to his supporters: "We’ll be out from about 12pm every day til 7 in the evening. We’ll be stopping to give out leaflets and speak to people and really trying hard to build my vote and for the other London Assembly candidates. Come to Club Row, London E1 (near Liverpool Street and Bethnal Green tubes) every day for 12pm to join us on the bus". This is the practical evidence of the emergence of a postmodern campaign: going out to the people using multi channels as appropriate to ensure reaching the greatest number of the target electorate.

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