Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The attack strategy

Not sure if Brian Paddick's is a serious challenge or a case of testing the water for strategy pointers and seeing if the polls move; the latest, last ditch, attack is a couple of 'viral ads' on Youtube designed to "highlight a few of the many reasons why both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson would be the wrong choice to be the Mayor of London". The first: "The Ken and Friends World Tour" invites you to follow an exotic trip with Ken Livingstone so that you can party with Fidal (sic yes I thought it was Fidel too) Castro in Cuba and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela"

The second entitled "Missing Idiot," shows "an Oxfordshire resident calls Private Investigator Shirley Holmes to report that their village is missing its local idiot. Can you guess who the missing idiot is?"

Both are a little bit painful to watch, purely attacking, cheaply made and well for me I'm not sure they are credible. They make a point and perhaps fit with much user-generated content on Youtube but as a political ad I wonder about their credibility or if they are fit for purpose. Neither make untrue claims or allegations, so may well reinforce negative perceptions of both but if they become popular in the next couple of days (only 1,000 views so far), given Paddick is so far behind, I can see them only leading to non-voting rather than supporting Paddick due to the size of swing required for him to have any chance of winning. Good plan, bad plan... not sure at all about these!

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