Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mud & Pledges

Boris Johnson has utilised the favourite the pledge card (above), standard fair: I promise to solve the issues Londoners say are most important - a typical marketing tool. However Labour must be worried as they, well Tessa Jowell is the name on the email, have countered each of his pledges thus: "Boris Johnson can make promises now but the reality is that he:
• voted against automatic five year sentences for people caught carrying illegal guns
• failed to support measures to take tough action on crime
• would deny young couples the opportunity of owning their own homes by scrapping affordable housing policies
• would make transport more expensive by pushing up bus and tube fares
• is making uncosted campaign promises that he would not be able to keep - a cynical move that will let down Londoners.

There is also the competence issues, something which both sides are asking voters to consider. Boris stresses the failures of the Livingstone administration (an example of this is left), Labour meanwhile seem to be playing on a belief that everyone already suspects Johnson's ability so we will repeat and remind phrases such as "incompetent Boris Johnson in City Hall taking risks with their cost of living.". So it seems this close contest may come down to a contest over credibility, who do Londoners believe will do the job best, secondary trends my be whether there a significant interest in change and how Londoners assess Livingstone's performance. It could be interesting to see whose mud sticks and whose pledges are believed.

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