Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Getting noticed, but maybe not in a good way

Barbara Clark is a nurse leading a campaign against fraud in high office involving Adventists across California, predominantly her campaign is web-based and largely consisting of videos of her speaking stridently about a range of conspiracies. She has, however, created an alternative identity and a series of images that appear to attract those interested in politics to her own videos and her website.
To ensure some attention she has a number of videos posted on Youtube with titles that make the visitor beleive they are camapign ads for Clinton and Obama, both of which gain significant attention in their own right. To aid hits the image that appears (as the pic above shows) is a provocatively dressed woman; like many I thought someone somewhere had plummed new depths in grabing viewers for political ads, not the case. Her Youtube profile (right) also shows someone who is not Barbara Clark, who is pictured on her own website, and perhaps is designed to appeal to the male surfer. I find this quite bizarre, it has to be a stunt to try to get clicks, but is it really appropriate to combine a video talkign about 'Spitzer & Dupree ignore FBI subpoenas while IRS calls AIG' advertised with the picture of a topless busty brunette (possibly her from the profile picture) holding her breasts? She does get views, over 400 for the one with Clinton in the link title; does it devalue her cause is a bigger question. Surely this has to undermine whatever credibility her and her cause has or am I missing the point?

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