Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stealing Obama's USP?

There is a rival to Obama's title as the outsider in the presidential race, the independent Ron Paul. While his campaign is fairly lacklustre there is a guy by the name of Patrick Saint James that is producing videos in support of his campaign. The comments reflect firstly a sense of disillusionment with the American political system (for example '2 parties = no choice' seems a commonly voiced sentiment) or that in fact these videos are the best of the campaign so far. So here is one, what do you think? And more importantly, is this predominantly a negative ad, is it mainly comparative or is the main function to just promote Ron Paul?


Anonymous said...

Negative video? Hardly -- positive! Imagine a voting booth in which you would not have to hold your nose to vote for one of the media clones? Now, a REAL choice is offered -- a REAL candidate who offers REAL change -- Ron Paul. Still, the Sheepies want more war and debt... and they sure don't want any REAL change. Well, history will be the judge.

Matt Hurst said...

Haha Ron Paul is a fruitcase with a deluded amount of fans who post like the one below.

How can anyone possibly argue with cutting the constitution down to it's basic form that is lost on todays society.

Or the racism and homophobia he pretended not to be a part of even though it came from his offices.

History will be the judge indeed, thankfully Ron Paul won't be making any of that.