Friday, February 08, 2008

Sex and Politics

For decades in the US, organisations like Young America's Foundation, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and the Leadership Institute have worked to organize, train and support conservative students on campus. Conservatives in Britain, however, have lacked a similar organisation until the establishment in 2003 of the Young Britons Foundation, whose executive director, Shane Greer, writes about "winning on campus":

One of the biggest battlegrounds for conservatives in Britain is on university
campuses. They've always been breeding grounds for the Left, but winning the
minds of the next generation is crucial if the Party is to shift the centre
ground to the right. The Left have for years been streets ahead of conservatives
when it came to campus activism and winning the visual battle - when it came to
presentation the Left reigned supreme.
By its nature campus activism has to be fun, edgy, and of course exciting; the sexual health awareness group promotes itself during 'SHAG Week' naturally. But will students warm equally to provocative advertisements that promote politics? The below posters were launched in October 2007 but I have not seen any around Bournemouth (a shame perhaps), can these be another strand to gaining the Conservatives a foothold into youth politics?

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