Friday, February 22, 2008

The Old and the New

The big news in the Conservatives e-newsletter is not particularly political, it is more of the symbolic. Lady Thatcher is shown around the 'new' Conservative HQ before unveiling a bust of herself to accompany the same of Churchill in the reception. The script is full of symbolism, the attachment to the old but the break to something new and of course the very modern and cool David Cameron leading the viewer around.

The one odd bit of this is he calls Lady Thatcher 'Lady T', her face is not shown when he says it so whether he does so with her approval or what it is impossible to tell but its the 'call me Dave' informality - a little more symbolism perhaps.

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Lady T's cunt said...

oh my god, is that old bag still alive, she looks like a stiff. DIE BITCH