Monday, February 11, 2008

Grassroot Power: Labour's campaign from below

Labour's grassroots are fairly silent, in fact dissatisfaction is largely only visible by the decline in members; one rarely hears discontent from the members. However LabourHome provides a forum for criticism, and is often used as such; but now it is also providing voice for a campaign to take back control over party finances and ensure members [especially Union members] fees are not wasted. According to PR Week, the "plotters" have learned their lessons from US political communication, particularly the Hillary Clinton campaign, that a key way to gain momentum is to target key groups via web-based fora. Though reading the site I am not sure if the language used by PR Week of 'plotters' or 'overthrow' is appropriate, but it is a concerted effort to get Dromey removed in light of questions surrounding party funding and those of his wife's campaign and install Mark McDonald described as "one of our own".

What it does indicate though is that such sites must be now reaching a critical mass and have become effective ways of reaching and mobilising groups such as party and union members. As the PR Week article notes political communication lags behind the US in web use; however the exchange of personell [such as Jag Singh who PR Week says helped in Hillary Clinton's super Tuesday success - did I miss that on the news] means the web will probably become a key tool and political communication via the blogosphere that attempts to have influence through the viral nature of the internet will become far more widespread.

Guess it is working, free publicity from PR Week and from me,
what more can a campaign ask for?


Peter Kenyon said...

Dear Darren

We have met. I picked up this link from Labourhome, where I post occasionally.

Are you following the work of Save the Labour Party, the LabOUR Commission and other forms of political life close the ground?

On the so-called Treasurer contest, I have fundamental doubts which I prefered to air on Luke Akehurst's blog today.

Are you in Bournemouth the weekend 8/9 March with time for a drink?

Darren G Lilleker said...

Hi Peter,
I will look into the those campaigns thanks, will be around 8/9 March and happy to join you for a drink - my email is

Jag Singh said...

Thanks for the write-up - we've still got a long way to go, though.

So, what else would a campaign want?
Votes :-)