Sunday, September 07, 2008

Good example of a viral campaign

Though this is probably is the creation of a pro-Democrat/Obama group, this is sort of satire that can have a real impact. The simple message is that if Sarah Palin is a suitable candidate for Vice-President of the USA then so is anybody.

In three days it has had over 25,000 views and is becoming viral (I received it five times on Facebook today). There is a website for this 'campaign' also, if you sign up you get a free 'fuzzy thing', here is mine. I presume that the emails will be collected and there will be a more sustained anti-Palin campaign by email over the next few months. I await the bombardment. However, clever stuff. Very Palin-esque (Pythonesque perhaps), a simple message wrapped in comedy that will be enjoyed by many in the intended audience of semi-intellectual floating voters, the humorous message guarantees the video gaining views but not just via Youtube but via its homepage, this allows the collection of email addresses and the directing of a campaign to those who are susceptible to anti-Palin arguments. This demonstrates the ease of campaigning as facilitated by the Internet.


Anonymous said...

like ur fuzzy thing Dr d

Tom said...

looks more like a Palin site given you can buy is dvds, bandwagon marketing i call it - bet you £2 you get a ton of emails promoting palins next venture!!

Darren G Lilleker said...

Happy to take you up on the bet! I think it is made to look like a Michael Palin site (presuming you meant Michael) to distract from the real purpose but happy if I am proven wrong :-)