Monday, March 03, 2008

WOM and public endorsement the Obama way

It is the last push in the race to be party nominee for president, Obama is attempting to get a Word Of Mouth campaign going that has the persuasive strength of public endorsement as opposed to relying on his campaign. It is an online phone banking tool that aims to make 1,500,000 calls to voters by Tuesday's caucuses (according to his front page 1,000,723 have already been made with over 24 hours to go). Its a simple idea facilitated by his website, supporters log in, choose a state and are given 20 names of people to call. Interestingly there is no script or suggestions of lines to give, so people seem to be expected to persuade others why it is important to vote for Obama. There are also target groups and Spanish speakers, women and students are asked to take part and speak to their own voter group. Also, if all that were not enough, there are the positions of Get Out The Vote Captains, tasked recruit supporters and organise canvassing and 'knocking-up'. All standard fayre for an election, not usually as intense for a primary, but also geared far more to involving his support network that would be expected. If he is successful, and the success is driven by the strength of his support network, it has the potential of driving him all the way to the White House.

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