Thursday, March 06, 2008

Could they reconcile their differences?

There are suggestions that Clinton and Obama would be a dream team for the Democrats, but as the campaign gets closer, nearer to its conclusion and as every vote counts, and the gloves are now off by both candidates, could this be possible? Clinton's attempts to undermine Obama seem to have worked, Obama's fact checker accuses Hillary of experience by proxy (due to her husband), reinforced by his reworking of the '3am' advertisement, all damages public perceptions of both candidates.

Meanwhile McCain can appear presidential with no-one to launch attacks on him until the real race gets underway. Obama calls for a two-pronged attack, on Clinton and on McCain, but the main thrust of his message is to appear hard done by in the face of Clinton's attacks and being given a harder time from the media. This could make Obama appear weaker, perhaps too sensitive for the job of president, but also undermines Clinton's image, could all of this benefit McCain and the Republicans when voters may already feel he is the more typical president?

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