Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Crumbling under pressure

Obama agreed that Hillary had thrown the kitchen sink at him, reflecting on the result he comments "We knew that the closer we got to the change we seek, the more we'd see of the politics we're trying to end -- the attacks and distortions that try to distract us from the issues that matter to people's lives, the stunts and the tactics that ask us to fear instead of hope". But it seems that the seeds of doubt sown by Hillary's attack and comparative advertisements, and his own failure to answer criticisms by the media may have lost him the chance of winning the nomination. Obama was questioned on his ability to be president (does he have the experience and commitment) and his handling of his campaign (does he attempt to be all things to all men), perhaps he failed to answer his critics on either point.
Interesting that in Texas Republican voters are voting for a Democrat nominee that they would not elect anyway; surely this gives them a great opportunity to vote for the worst candidate to give 'their guy' a better chance?

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