Wednesday, March 12, 2008

'I am We' - so don't attack us for sipping latte

Barack Obama has a wonderful ability to phrase arguments as if they come from his supporters, and the mass of US voters, as opposed to just being from him as a presidential candidate. Now he is under fire from both Clinton and McCain, he is also now drawing inclusion into his defence. Arguing that "Senator Clinton continues to run an expensive, negative campaign against us. Each day her campaign launches a new set of desperate attacks" he argues that "They're not just attacking me; they're attacking you". An outrageous quote from Clinton (actually said by an aide which may be handy) Obama highlights is that she "attempted to diminish the overwhelming number of contests we've won by referring to places we've prevailed as "boutique" states and our supporters as the "latte-sipping crowd." Own goal?? It is not playing well with Obama supporting bloggers that is for sure.

But also by including his not insignificant number of supporters across the US as victims of the Clinton attacks, Obama undermines the attacks and tries to build solidarity against his rival for the nomination. It may be successful but he needs a stronger case to pinpoint further reasons why an attack on him is an attack on the Obama movement; if he can make that case it could be a powerful weapon that persuades those who may not be supporters but who lean towards Obama and are undecided. How such techniques will play in a fight versus McCain is less clear but it could win him the nomination if Clinton is seen as attacking the people rather than her opponent.

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jaybs said...

It is Hilary who is destroying the Democratic Party!

You state that Barack Obama does not state policy, it is not what I see from documents on policy he has released or in the TV debates.

I would suggest it is Hilary who concentrates solely on negative campaigning. In fact Mark Penn, Harold Wolfson and Hilary have there heads in the sand and do no wish to see The Truth!not for the sake of Self Interest but for The Counry First!

Barack Obama has a majority
backing from Voters, is well ahead in the Delegate count. Just over a week ago Hilary was well ahead with committed Superdelegates today it is just over 30 more than Barack Obama and it is still closing.

Barack Obama has ran a successful campaign like never seen for a long time, voters have identified strongly with TOGETHER we can make CHANGE! what is wrong with that, when you are sick and tired of the politics of the past and "The Dynasty" who have ruled and taken us for granted, well lets HOPE it is not for longer, but unlike Hilary and Team we will just keep working hard Together!