Monday, November 05, 2007

Voters easily confused: claim Labour MPs

Not sure really what the thinking is behind the off the cuff remark offered by Frank Field amid a wide ranging interview on the future of the party. But he commented that:

"Many of our side think that if [Lib Dem leadership candidate] Nick Clegg wins
then that will actually take votes off Cameron because he looks like Cameron".

Now maybe Clegg rivals Cameron in youth, and he also has a PR background, so perhaps there are a number of similarities at that level. There are also great similarities in their political stance, rhetorically it seems impossible at times to slip a Rizla between liberal conservatives and conservative liberals. But do Labour think voters will see him on the PEBs and think "is that Cameron or Clegg" or "he had a nice face, must be a Liberal". Then again perhaps they do think that! Worrying that we may end up with three party leaders with identical backgrounds, ideas, focus on the middle ground, and who say the same things: the equivalent of electing a speak your weight machine perhaps.

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