Friday, November 02, 2007

A powerful message?

If you want people to accept you message it is important to push against an open door. It appears that Brown's image has been tarnished by the perceived volte face over holding an autumn election. The Conservatives are wise to press home this advantage. This communication begins with a premise many receivers may well agree with, that Brown should have called an election, then takes the reader on a journey arguing that a change is needed to reform a number of policies 'taxing pollution, not families' for example. The strapline that 'services are delayed until the election of a Conservative government is a clever one.
The question is whether readers will accept the final conclusion as readily as they will the opening premise. There may well be a point of exit for many readers who are yet to be convinced that the Conservatives are a viable alternative government, the fact that debate centred on Brown gaining his own mandate may suggest that Brown was not expected to lose and may not have done so despite the 'tax reform bounce' the Conservatives gained. This may be a short lived advantage, furthermore if this becomes a core message that is repeated too much then it may be rejected as no longer relevant.

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