Saturday, November 03, 2007

Do we want a leader prepared to be banged up?

John Pienaar reports that: "Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne both promise to lead a campaign of civil disobedience against ID cards, and refuse to register when and if the cards become compulsory... So whoever wins, the Lib Dems will end up with a leader who is quite prepared to get banged-up." He thus asks "Is that a sensible way for a law-maker, and a party leader, to behave?"

Is there not a problem that we have too few politicians who appear to have any defining principles that steer their actions, and that they will do and say anything that may win them votes (or prevent them from not losing power)? Could the Liberal Democrats earn votes by being the anti-marketing party, the ones who do not chase after the safe, moderate, and largely acquiescent, middle ground.

There is though a danger! If either Clegg or Huhne get the opportunity to stand by their principles, and fail to do so because it is inexpedient because of their role as party leader, they will be viewed as just another politician that breaks their promises. So principles fine, provided feel you can stand by them.

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Nina said...

It is also interesting to see if the future leader will be a liberal david cameron. Many people are concerned about both candidates PR and media experience, especially Clegg.

This experience can be good and bad.

It will be bad if indeed they become as immersed in spin as David Cameron, but it can be highly beneficial if they use their experience to raise the profile of the liberal democrats and educate people as to what being liberal mean and what the party stands for.

With the right balance of spin (it is not always bad, we tend to classify anything to do with the PR input in politics as spin) and integrity, who knows, maybe people will finally be convinced that the third party is actually relevant and important. As a lib dem, I can only hope :)