Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting the message out

It seems political oppression no longer has the power it once did. There are a series of blogs emerging from within Burma that tell the story of life under the military dictators. Many are by monks, and the aim seems to be to get the message out as widely as possible (for example see here). The campaign is also being waged on YouTube with the help of Dennisbier09:

While the national media will be the key means of getting the message out, such high quality accounts and images enable journalists to provide better accounts of the crisis and those campaigning within Burma to get their message to the broadest possible audience. Powerful and effective, and probably impossible without the internet; such is the nature of modern communication that none can stop information if those wishing to inform are determined enough, and while there are cases of this throughout history, in the modern age we are informed in minutes and hours not years.

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