Sunday, July 06, 2008

Is this why no-one is listening?

I make no value judgements here, rather I raise a question about strategy and to what extent one could be better than the other. Obama is unrelentlessly engaged in self-promotion and impression management. He is using Twitter to inform his 44,000+ followers on the message community what he is doing day-to-day. He is not a frequent twitterer but it is purely used to offer positive messages.
John McCain, while also promoting the odd campaign ad, largely Twitters about Obama. His strategy is to raise doubts in Obama as an outsider, as a credible president, as an honest man at times. Most of his messages link to, which is largely a blog that collects statements from all candidates. He only has 814 followers, and only follows 103 (Obama follows 45,000+ Twitter users).
Obama seems to have a constituency offline that are fairly devout, of course they may not all be American, so ineligible to vote, but that interest is their among the wired (or wireless) community. But is it also the nature of the messages that is attractive? Is McCain gathering support or does he need to offer more of a mixture and talk less about his opponent. Does this also account for Obama's lead in the polls, the strategy question is interesting and I do wonder if McCain is too negative in the face of an unremittingly positive opponent.

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