Friday, July 25, 2008


The story of Cameron having is bike stolen, or the exclusive video provided by the Mirror of his reaction, will do the Conservative leader no harm at all. What is demonstrates is his authenticity, he is suffering crime in the same way as any other Londoner or Briton, and that experience means he is more in tune and empathic to the broader electorate. It is something else that brings him closer to the people and so not associated with stereotypes of being out-of-touch, upper class and an old Etonian; all things that may be used against him in a General Election if the conduct in Nantwich & Crewe is anything to go by. But will the jokey line "I am thinking of introducing Sharia law for bike theft. I will consult the Mayor of London" haunt him. While many may agree that cutting the hands off of thieves would be a good deterrent, and maybe represents the view of any victim of crime, will any aspect of the media take that seriously? If it was a Labour MP they probably would have jumped on it by now, but as Cameron leads in the polls will he get away with it?

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