Monday, June 23, 2008

Politics 2.0

Already labelled DD2.0, David Davis for Freedom is now up and running (finally). He links to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. A key aspect seems to be donations, though on that page less of a case is made of how the money will be useful to promoting the anti 42 days campaign. However the site is clearly geared to addressing issues relating to civil liberties and is maybe building a grand alliance: Tony Benn joined Davis in a debate, which seems an unlikely combination prior to his stepping down. Benn's endorsement: "This by-election will give the voters in that constituency an opportunity to register their view on this issue, through the ballot box, which is, and always will be, the ultimate guarantee of our fundamental freedoms in a free society" can do Davis' case little harm. How this hub will develop will be interesting, particularly interesting will be the extent to which the public and other interested groups participate. Opportunities are currently limited, I note one comment on his blog post; is this the start of a Politics 2.0 with this issue as a focal point?


Adam Abu-Nab said...

Interesting that Duncan Gilmour is the promoter of the site. Internally resourceful in a Pol 2.0 sense. Brilliant campaign.

The danger is it all smacking of DD the person rather than championing the issue. I agree it could be the final arrival of Politics 2.0 over an issue, but it's now become a bit of a personality pornification. Hence DD2.0. I also would like to see I.D cards be the foremost issue - generates more debate in social media.

In my eyes the imagery is a bit *boilk* too.

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