Monday, June 09, 2008

Courting the opposition

After a fairly dirty fight it is difficult to heal the schisms among supporters, particularly when you need them to support you and not their preferred candidate. Obama has now launched a charm offensive targeted at Clinton's Democrats. Taken from an email to supporters, but also used across the Internet and in interviews, is the following:
Senator Clinton made history over the past 16 months -- not just because she has broken barriers, but because she has inspired millions of Americans with her strength, her courage, and her commitment to causes like universal health care that make a difference in the lives of hardworking Americans. Our party and our country are stronger because of the work she has done throughout her life, and I'm a better candidate for having had the privilege of competing with her. Senator Clinton will be invaluable to our efforts to win in November, and I look forward to campaigning alongside her to bring this country the change it so desperately needs...
Suddenly Obama and Clinton are fighting for the same cause, no longer is an outsider versus and insider. Clinton has paved the way for a Democrat victory and for Obama. Obama has learned from her through the competition. Above hall is expresses humility and seeks not just the endorsement she had to give but her active support through the campaign. it is almost saying if you do not actively campaign you are letting your supporters down. Great rhetoric and use of language, his communications team are excellent at these sorts of arguments where the purpose is dual and perceptual.

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