Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A new political brand?

The campaign to reclaim his constituency, contested only by a beauty queen and the Sun's former editor, has begun. David Davis has launched his David Davis for Freedom website, at this moment there is nothing but information saying the domain is registered, but what can we expect. Given the reason for his resignation this will probably be a hub for opposition against the 42 day detention without charge proposal. Talking on Andrew Marr's show, he talked of an event heavy campaign, one which would see a range of individuals talking about civil liberties; basically he want to put the issue on the map. Certainly he has done that, and while I still wonder about the sense in doing this outside of Westminster at this stage, he has the ability to act as a beacon and amplifier for all opposition arguments as he is likely to be the hottest news in town for the duration of the contest. Initially questions were asked about potential damage to the Conservatives, doubtful there will be any but it could act as a serious nail in the Brown/Labour coffin and cannot do the Liberal Democrats much good, the reason is this steals a key part of their unique selling point, the fair party has been out gunned on civil liberties by the party formerly perceived as 'the nasty party'. I defy Marks & Gran, writers of the Alan B'Stard comedy, who was the fictional MP for Haltemprice, to have put this script together.

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