Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How not to use Twitter!

Twitter is about giving constant updates to those who choose to follow you, followers have the updates delivered to PCs of whatever size and variety. With Downing Street, David Cameron and a number of the candidates in Crewe & Nantwich using it, it seems to be a fashionable tool for permanent and election campaigning. The one team who seem to have failed to grasp the idea a lot of the time is that of John McCain.
Despite being a pioneer of online campaigning, yesterday he sent out four updates one after the other, effectively appearing to be in several places consecutively. One wonders how many of his 660 followers were a little confused by this (I was), and how many followed the links (I didn't). If they had the reason for the burst of tweets would have been clear, the team had just uploaded several videos of him speaking and wanted to instantly inform the world. But to get impact they missed the point. A one hour delay between each may have got them all watched, the immediate release may have got one watched if lucky.

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