Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yes I inhaled, that's the point

The clip from US TV is fascinating comparatively. While British politicians have been almost hounded from office for hints that they may have tried illegal substances, US Democrats are more than willing to admit trying drugs, Barack Obama in particularly. The piece argues two pints, one that it gives the impression of authenticity, being normal and real. This is argued to be a dog-whistle suggestion, heard only by the young that expect a normal person to fit into certain characteristics. Secondly it closes down debate and speculation, though perhaps David Cameron wanted to keep the mystique going for some reason. What will be admitted come the next election, or the one after, or will anyone need to speculate about anyone's behaviour when they were younger when most of it will be listed within the profile history on Facebook?

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Anonymous said...

he was making fun of clinton for claiming he "didn't inhale"