Saturday, July 28, 2007

Too Liberal

Three Bideford Liberal Democrat Councillors have become Independents in a protest over their colleague Myrna Bushell being allowed to continue as a party member and councillor while also working as a stripper and kissogram. The result is that they have come under fire for being illiberal and small minded. Ms Bushell, who performs under the pseudonym Jessica (pictured left), says her work is "not incompatible with working as a Councillor"; of course the media have focused on her offers as a stripper not a representative of the people: The Daily Mail has extensive coverage and reports

"beneath several saucy photographs a price list says a kissogram is £85, stripogram (lingerie and strip) £95, topless strip stripogram £110, stripogram (full or g-string strip £125 or Strip Show (2x strips with a change of costume) £160."

One does wonder what the voters think, do they share the view of many who have posted comments on various news sites that it does not matter and there is at least a sense of honesty about 'Jessica'? Or do they feel that someone who works in the sex trade, if only on the periphery, cannot represent anyone else? Independent of her own party politics, this does suggest she is not privileged, is in touch with the ordinary person, and perhaps has a better understanding of ordinary life than many politicians are perceived to have.


Norfolk Blogger said...

I am concerned that the local constituency allowed her to stand for one reason. It is because she not a party member. In North Norfolk (my neck of the woods) candidates have to be party members and are all vetted, interviewed and votged on in order to get selected.

As to her profession, I take the view that as long as she is not breaking the law, I have no problem with what she does. I have come across too many crooks who do "legal" jobs to worry about someone who does a job like she does.

Darren G. Lilleker said...

Interesting that a non-party member was allowed to stand,though that was not the reason given by those who resigned of course, would hae thought someone would have raised procedure to solve the problem they seem to have.

It is the great tabloid feast though isn't it. Sex and politics!