Monday, July 09, 2007

Let me out of here, I don't wanna be PM!

I wondered whether Campbell's well-hyped diaries may be an attack on Brown, given that Campbell seemed to be anti-Brown accordign to various press accounts and the less than shockign revelations offered by Lance Price. However, in the event, he has painted over the relationship so as not to give Cameron's Conservatives ammunition; thus what he does not say is perhaps as revealign as what he does: the last piece of spin do we think?

One lovely story though is reported by the BBC to suggest Brown swapped the roel of leader in exchange for beign freed from a toilet.

Mr Brown and Mr Blair met at a friend's house in Edinburgh shortly after the death of the Labour leader John Smith. They were discussing who should replace him. The diaries, which refer to Mr Blair as TB and Mr Brown as GB, say: "TB was clear he should stand because he felt that was the best chance for the party, but GB was not convinced. At one point, GB went to the toilet. Minutes passed and TB was sitting twiddling his thumbs and even wondered if GB had done a runner. Eventually the phone went. TB left it, so then the answering machine kicked in and GB's disembodied voice came on: 'Tony. It's Gordon. I'm locked in the toilet.' They both ended up laughing about it. TB went upstairs and said: 'You're staying there until you agree.' " The two men later made a deal at a London restaurant, Granita, where Mr Brown agreed to step aside to give Mr Blair a clear run at the Labour leadership.

So are we expected to believe that this was the basis upon which Brown stepped aside?

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